Het opladen van opnames word geblokkeerd.

Frans Schols
By Frans Schols club
March 26, 2021 - 2 comments - 64 visits- Permalink

Helaas is het mij niet meer mogelijk om een opname bij deze groep te plaatsen.
Volgens de regels is er geen maximum aantal foto's in totaal
Slechts een foto per week.
Hartelijke groeten,
Berny club
This rule "one per week" is nonsens, unfortunately. It counts the duration exactly since the last upload. So if you made your upload last friday 22:00 e.g., you will be able to upload your next HFF image only after 22:00. So every friday it will be later and later until one will not be able to upload on a certain friday anymore.

It's the same now with the group "Hall of fame". Also there the rule "one per week" is now established suddenly, "to increase quality". I don't know, why quality should increase because of that.
8 months ago.
Jaap van 't Veen club
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8 months ago.

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