Group: Arbres et forêts

Balsemão River.

Chestnut tree.

Aftermath of a windstorm.

La beauté du Bouleau

Gingko biloba.

Aux aguets du daguet

River Tâmega and road bridge.

Overview to River Tâmega.

Centenary dragonblood tree.

Papaya tree.

Far reaching view to the northern coast.

Forest mountainsides of Cape Verde.

Mountain view.

Traces of recent forest fire.

Crater of Cova do Paúl.

La Rivière Enchantée

Globe and rocket Vega, of the European Space Agenc…

Dans les Feuillages

Bonito Lake.

Garden of Geojardim.

Tree in the parking.

River Paiva.

Mirror water.

Overview from Paiva's walkways.

Old maple (1838).