Group: Tyrol

Climbing the Ox Wall (2)

Climbing the Ox Wall (1)

Schlick 2000

Leontopodium nivale

H.F.F. - in South Tyrol

Along the Merano High Altitude Trail

Mystic Mountain

Eastern Tyrolean Dolomites at Night

Evening in the Eastern Tyrolean Dolomites

Eastern Tyrolean Dolomites

During Descent

Lake Laserz

Last Weekend on 2.700 m

Dizzy Height

World Photography Day, August 19, 2020

Via Ferrata 'Naked Dog' (1)


Within the Lofer Mountains

Naked Dog

Gentiana pannonica


After The Thunderstorm

Pfiat enk!



Upon the Glödis (3.206m)

Upon the Glödis (3.206m)