Group: Fence Friday (Not the Original)

Beyond The Fence

The Hill Above.

The Cat Next Door.

Tree Outside Courthouse.

Park Fountains (HFF, H.A.N.W.E.)

Over The Fence.

Fence Shadow (HFF)

Steele Park Fence.

Grandview Lodge, Priest Lake, Idaho (HFF, HBM)

Double Fence

End of the Alaska Railroad (HFF)

Te Ara Noa Bridge

Luna Park at Night (HFF)

Along Highway One.

Fences, Rails, Signals, Signs, Central Station, Sy…

Fence and Sign for Taronga Zoo, Sydney (HFF)

Elephant at Taronga Zoo (HFF)

Antique Scale, Taronga Zoo (HFF)

Large Craters On Hillside

long ago and far away...

Summer Flowering, Bush.

Decorating The Fence

Safari Bus In Depot .

Tokoroa Track Club

Along the Tree Line.

St Kilda Beach.

At Mount Maunganui.