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Object from Space

Where you can see the sea from the mountains

Kawakarpo & Prayer Flags

Châteauneuf-en-Auxois (21) 1 janvier 2020.

Two little ones (Explored)

A Witch is taking you...

English wine shop

Stari most (The bridge is not so important - Educa…

Wind is flowing through my windows

The structure of a natural stone makes it even mor…

Night Party in a Yurt

Salt Lake of Ladakh

Giant Buddha (Take 3)

Mostar after sundown

Mystery of the black cave

end of track

Coal and wind power... and a combustion engine

Were the god comes to work

Two strong men... and candies

Passing a stone cairn, enjoying a small refreshmen…

Two geese in flight

Tu'er'ye - a LGBT deity


Reading, waiting

Phewa Tal

The Eyes on the Buddhist Stupa of Swayambhu, Kathm…

Traditional stone mill grinder in rural China

Reflections in B/W