Group: Vintage Children's Book Illustrations


Gnarly Monstrance

Billiard-Marker & Henry George Liddell

A Nose Job

Henry Holiday alluding to John Martin

Holiday and Gheeraerts I

Doré (1863), Holiday (1876), Doré (1866)

Monster Face

Weeds turned Horses (BW)

William III, Religion and Liberty, Care and Hope

The Broker's and the Monk's Nose

Anne Hale Mrs. Hoskins

Inspiration by Reinterpretation

The Bellman and Father Time

Crossing the Line

Neuman, Butcher, Jowett

Hidden Carrol

The Snark in your Dreams

Ditchley Snark

Ditchley Snark


While he rattled a couple of bones

While he rattled a couple of bones

The Banker's Nose and Spectacles

The Bellman and Sir Henry Lee

Star and Tail

Kerchiefs and other shapes