Group: Americana

Election Day Photo, November 7, 1916

Halloween Clown and Bunny Girls, 1979

Canelo Road

A Mess of Potatoes

Fiddling on the Porch

Abbotts "A" Milkman, Milkmaid, and Parade Float, c…

Parade Float, Welcome Home Day, Sunbury, Pa., 1919

Human Flag, Loyal War Governors Anniversary Parade…

Uncle Sam, Sunbury, Pa., 1931

Baseball Club, Boswell, Pa.

Shipping a Few of Our Peaches

Easter Bunny Kids

Season's Greetings, 1949—From Our House to Your Ho…

Season's Greetings, 1950

You Took The Wrong Bus

A Boy and His Fred Flintstone Punching Bag

A Boy Playing with His Fred Flintstone Punching Ba…

Christmastime with Fred Flintstone

Simply Simon with Some Piemen Going to a Fair?

Clarence and His Marching Band on Labor Day in Bri…

The Old Strayhound

1965 Ford F-250

Fourth of July Parade, Liberty, Maine, 1908

Haines Shoe House Snapshot

Erie Street

1965 Ford F-250

Pop Morehead's Family