Group: Doll Photographers Who Have Moved Here From Flickr

Wednesday evening at Villa Bastet...

What I'm currently working on....

"Sun Gold" Malibu Skipper 1983

Cup of coffee on a Sunday evening.

Spring cleaning in Villa Bastet's garden :-)

Cookies from Chris

Pretty Ballerina

Frosty Francie

OOAK Sun Set Francie

Skipper's Christmas

Chris Enjoys the Snow

Skipper's Christmas

Barbie's Dreamy Blues

Japanese Skipper by Fabienne Lolaxs

It's Christmas soon...

Buuut we need clooothes!!! AArrgh D':

Francie in Via Brera by Mauro

Woodland Fairy and Friend

Vintage TNT Barbie

Trick or Treat

Barbie Awaits Halloween...

Tutti wonders...

Francie in Japan

TNT Skippers 1970 - 1971

Vintage Francie in Mattel's Satin Supper 1971