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December 28, 2007 - 2 comments - 416 visits

We have a lot of gums in our yard. Lovely trees but ....
the bastards have a very bad habit of dropping branches.
Early this year one dropped a branch onto our shed roof during a storm, punching a hole in the roof. Lots of things got wet, including some old photo albums.
I rescued the photos, drying them off and putting them in an envelope awaiting a new album.

A couple of weeks ago I had cause to revisit them, and I realised that my kids and grandchild
have never had the pleasure of rummaging around in an old Shoe Box.
I decided to scan / copy many of my photos twice, make up two shoe boxes with the copies
and give one each to my two sons. This way their kids can have the pleasure of ShoeBox memories without the guilt that comes with the inevitable damage that occurs when kids and ShoeBoxes photos collide.

Coming across your group has made me more determined to do this
Thankyou for this group.

Nils Pickert
Nils Pickert
Reinhard and me had this Idea after we both were rummaging through old shoe boxes :-)

I hope sometime somebody will find a shoebox with pictures I took, but I fear they will only find little funny circular objects, shimmering silver, perfect for frisbeeing because nobody can read them anymore...

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10 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Nils Pickert
thing is this ...
if this comes to pass
(the inheritance of frisbees)
then your future abruptly ends, in a sense.
And their past starts abruptly with them.

No continuity,
no link to those that came before them.
It is this continuity, this link
I fear for in these days of distance between family members.
It is no longer that members of a family
commonly live in the same town,
or even adjoining villages.
No longer close enough for easily shared pasts.

That is why this group is so important.
It encourages us to take our analogue (?) pasts
and digitally share them with our contemporaries.
It also has encouraged me to mirror image this
by taking my digital past and leaving an analogue self
for those that come after me.

I think my first grandchild
(who turns one in 11 days)
has made this important to me.
I am of an age where far more of my life
will exist for her only in dusty archives
than will ever exist for her
in living memory.

I so love this little girl.
And I so want to be as big a part of her life
as I possibly can.

It's going to be a bloody big shoe box
I reckon.
10 years ago.

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