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Major part of the Small Magnallenic cloud.

Sculptor Galaxy NGC253

Trifid Nebula M20

Helix Nebula NGC7293

Small Magellanic Cloud NGC292

Juli 2021


Eagle and Omega nebula

Helix Nebula NGC7293- You are right they are watch…

Man On Vespa

Eagle Nebula M16

Swan Nebula/ Omega Nebula M17

Snake Nebula B72

Lagoon Nebula M8 & Trifid Nebula M20

Eclipse (10.06.2021)

Lobster Nebula NGC 6357

Cats Paw Nebula NGC 6334

Super moon over Fremantle.

Moon Rise to Total Eclipse

Its Only a paper moon on a Black canvas sky

Moon and mars

Eclipsed moon

My view of the Eclipse

Fighting Dragons Of Ara Panorama NGC6188

Prawn Nebula IC4628

The unlikely match

By the light of the stars and more