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Spiral galaxy NGC 300 - Better View is large on Bl…

String of Pearls Galaxy NGC55 Or Whale Galaxy

Nina mostly works.

Nina Interface - For those interested and can fol…

Running Chicken IC2944

Welcome to NINA

47 Tucanae NGC104

Lagoon Nebula M8- One Dead Cable

Eagle Nebula M16

Cats Paw Nebula NGC6334

Milky Way Core

Rho Ophiuchi - Antares region

1/2 way teaser.....Milky Way.

Planetary conjunction.

Wide field Of the Southern Cross

Carina Nebula NGC3372

Statue Of Liberty NGC3576

Southern tadpoles. NGC3572

Wishing Well Cluster NGC3532

NGC3199 & NGC 3247

Hand Cluster of stars

Merriwa Signs Off - LMC

Gum Wide Field

Carina Nebula Wide Field.

Pencil Nebula NGC2736

Skull & Cross Bones Nebula NGC 2467

Thors Helmet NGC2359