Group: Old Studio Photos

A Bustle for the Ages

First Communion - 1880s?

I Don't Care If I Never Come Back

We Don't Care If We Never Go Back, Indianapolis, I…

Smiling Mother with Wide-Eyed Baby

Happy Mother's Day!

A Man and His Dog, 1914

Portrait of a Young Girl

Young Woman with Gnarly Tree

Women in Swimsuits

European Victorian Era Album #42

Man with Beard, Topeka, Kansas

Lovely Locket Girl

Young Girl with Pudding Basin Hat

The Flowery Doll Pram

Dorothy Lansing

Girl with Unique Hair

Labor Day Photo from Elitch Gardens, 1905

On an Airship from San Francisco to New York

Flying High in Pittsburgh

Girl Reading the North American Newspaper

Elmer and Clair

Woman in Fur Coat

Two-Headed Man

Girl Holding Photo and Standing on Chair

Two Cowboys and a Policeman at Brother Jones' Gin…