Group: Stairs

Saint Peter Chapel.

Chapel of Our Lady of Grace (1958).

Coast view to the northeast.

Spiral stairs.

Ancient Town Hall.

Town Hall and Congress and Cultural Centre.

Lisbon Oceanarium.

HFF and take care everyone!

Cesária Évora statue.

Docking the ferry at the wharf.

Vecchia cantina - SPC 2/2020 - # 1 places - Oggett…

Doorway and Entrance

Queuing Up Chairs.

Pink is the colour

Promeneur à distance

Before taking the ferry to Santo Antão Island.

Lauris Treppendetail

La fatica ...

São Pedro - fishing village.

Former Gil Eanes High-School (1937).

urban view 425

Wire animals.

Les escaliers de la Butte

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