Group: Tuscany

night comes to my city - PIP

city reflected (and a bit of a rant ... sorry!)

Street painter

colorful downtown - HFF!

Quando la felicità non la vedi, cercala dentro

stornelli fiorentini

bench buddies

made to blend in

Happy green grass Fence Friday!

Happy Bench Monday!

along the river - HFF!

The Wound (PIP)

Magisches Licht

O black legs

waiting benches - HBM! - (PIP)

Sant'Ambrogio's market - (PIPs)

Good Morning Sunshine

biking to work

Chi si ferma sogna - HBM!

Le Murate - HFF! (PIPs)

il ponte della ferrovia - HFF! (PIP)

the water mill (PIPS)

life in the park - HBM!

the ramp - HFF! (PIP)