Group: People's moments

very busy

They like their curly hair~~HBM!

the photographer and the window

“One day the stigma go end, but tomorrow is not th…

A relaxed Sunday!

wish you a pleasant WE full of music!!

The stories that matter

WORLD PRESS PHOTO , Exhibition at the Alameda do P…

Memorial bench

Yonge Street, Toronto

playing the white piano (in Lübeck)

If you want to walk fast, walk alone...

Walking in pink street..

Summer Reading

The beauty of a happy child

Benches for all of you~~ HBM!

the photographer

The Happening~~HFF!

"Today there are snails!" A delicious snack for ho…

Ethiopian boy at work

Before the concert…HBM!

Sleeping it off

indian barbershop

In Portugal, Children's Day is celebrated on 1 Jun…