Group: Raindrops-Regentropfen-Wasserperlen etc.

Wet Rose Petal

Water droplets on a flower

A Brilliant Rose for Sunday... ©UdoSm

After the rain

Please do not shake... ©UdoSm

Secrets of nature... ©UdoSm

Raindrop on a barbed wire fence. HFF!

Rainy day in Turkey

Rain drops and petals

Blooming pink


Wet Azalea

Rose perlée pour ce Nouvel an...

Blätter der Kapuzinerkresse. ©UdoSm

Image of the branches in the water drop.

Something in the water

Froschmann - Frogman

Kleinen Eichenbock (Cerambyx scopolii) ©UdoSm

Water dripping off the bottom of a steel fence in…

A beauty after the rain... ©UdoSm

Let It Rain, Let It Pour!

Raindrops On Tangelo Tree.


Lupine leaves as water reservoirs. ©UdoSm

Sundays Flower... ©UdoSm

My home is my castle... ©UdoSm