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The Fireside - introductions

September  3, 2013 - 3 comments - 277 visits

Come awa' in, an' introduce yersel.

In the spirit of the valiant efforts to re-enliven this group, and as many of us are new over from Another Place (Fli*r), how's about we get to know one another a little? Pull up a chair, put yer tartan-slippered feet up by the virtual fire, have a virtual dram, and share a wee bit about yersel! As first one to the fireside, I'll start…

Hello All, I'm Margaret, a.k.a "MinoltaSnapper", a handle from my first set of 'proper' SLR kit, the Minolta Dynax 700. (Ah, film cameras - remember those?!) I'm a Scottish ex-pat working/living on the outer edge of London, for more years than I care to think about now, but still with firm plans to retire back to 'civilisation' when that great day finally rolls around. (In only a handful of years now - yay!) I've been into photography for about as long as I can remember; I was always 'the family snapper', then it got serious sometime in the late 80s. I pootled around with increasingly complex point & shoots for a few years, and then took the plunge into 35mm SLR and never looked back. A City & Guilds photography course helped me learn the basics, and I joined the Royal Photographic Society (not as posh as it sounds) and did an ARPS, which was entertaining. In a masochistic sort of way!

Because I started on Minolta and accumulated lenses, my current kit is mostly Sony-based - the A77, NEX-6 for lighter days out, and an infrared-converted Canon Powershot G11. My area of photo interest is principally landscape - in which of course Scotland is unsurpassed - but I'll have a crack at most types of shot, except maybe serious portraiture. (People are too unpredictable! Landscapes at least stay where they're told.) I'm currently starting to experiment more with macro and aim to try focus stacking, and have been into Infrared work for a year or two now, although its processing is still a bit of a black art, and I'm still learning there too. I find it stimulating to be trying new things, and attempting to master them, although I never quite feel that I succeed - but that's the ongoing challenge of photography! I'm also learning how to mount and frame images, so that I can ultimately do the whole process, shooting the image, processing it, printing it, mounting it AND framing it. And after that little lot, I'll finally feel that I've achieved something!

I'm pretty new to ipernity. I was never previously much of an ‘online’ person, but after some years of being asked on workshops “Do you have a website?”, and being the only one who didn’t, I decided I really should do something, even if just to stop family & friends nagging about how to see my holiday snaps. I had only just been a few months on Fli*r, and was still unsure about it, when they changed it into something truly horrible, and I became sure … that I didn’t like it!! It was somewhere in the complaints threads over there that I read about ipernity, so I bailed out of there and climbed aboard here. It seems a lot more civilised over here! So now that I’m getting into this online thing, I'd be happy to make new contacts, and see others' work, so please 'contact' me if you wish, and I'll reciprocate. I look forward to 'meeting' many more of you and seeing your work! (raises virtual glass) Slainte!

Who's next at the fireside?
Throw another log on the fire and I need a refill! Thanks for that Margaret. I'll shall gather my thoughts and make a contribution this weekend.
4 years ago.
Ian Turner
Ian Turner
Seems a nice idea. Yes, I am a fellow flickr transferee, although I keep a foot in both camps as I have a large number of images on there, and a good set of 'friends' with whom I did not wish to loose contact.

I had a Scottish grandfather, had Scottish holidays as a child, and in recent years my wife and I (she also has Scottish ancestry) have visited Scotland just as much as we can. Retire there? Would love to - Scotland is a photographer's dream, with magnificent landscape and ever-changing light. Well, if you are reading this there is no need for me to tell you about it.

I always liked taking photographs since childhood, and progressed onto a 35mm SLR in my twenties. Once married, family life and young children precluded most hobbies for quite a few years, but now I can indulge freely. My interest is still with film (nothing wrong with digital) and I enjoy collecting old cameras and bringing them back to working condition. Nothing better than to photograph Scotland with a vintage bellows camera from the 1930s that still takes images which can give modern digitals a run for their money.

I am all for exchange of views and comment, and not just a mass dumping of images for the sake of it. What made you take that shot, where is it, how do you feel about it? OK, enough rambling, I will try and post more often, I am still getting used to working Ipernity and handling the different feel that it has to flickr.

Thanks for the fireside chat - I'll just throw more peat onto the fire and top up the glass.......
4 years ago.
I see that I am the first contributor to this thread in two years so I'll try to speak softly and not wake anyone :-)

Me - another refugee from Flickr a year ago. I have a few photos taken in Scotland, mainly landscapes and geology, so I'll start to post a few of my favourites in this group. They'll be a mixture of old and new, so hope that's OK.

I've just returned from a lovely week on the island of Raasay, so I'll be putting a few of those in too.

Stevie D (Earthwatcher)
17 months ago.

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