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Leiela (MCR)
January 30, 2013 - 126 visits

January 30, 2013.

A friendly greeting; Dear Friends!

I want to make clarifications on the functioning of the groups that
I manage. It is necessary to make rules generally simpler to
comply in all groups so that documents will be accepted. In
groups contributions will close upon reaching 2,000 documents. I
invite you to read the group rules to avoid disappointment.


1.-Only the most beautiful documents complying with the specific
rule of their own group will be accepted.

2.-Color should predominate as the name of the group concerned
and the documents must be suitable for all audiences.

3.-Grotesque images will be rejected (no offensive images).

4.-Erotic images are accepted (important to balance and
moderation) not pornography.

5.-No bugs(insects), no spiders. (there will be some exceptions
to insects especially beautiful; without villous without secretions)
no flies, no cockroaches, etc..

6.-No images affecting the dignity of women, male dignity or that
promote violence, racial, sexual preference or any other violence.

7.-Wanted only aesthetically, this is not about religion or
ideological issues.

Note exception:

Extravagante, extrovertido, escepcional...Elegant, extrovert,
exceptional ... It has very different rules must likewise comply.

Thanks for your understanding, dear friends, I wish you a nice day.


Martha Carmona R (Leieladonna)

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