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UPDATED, PLEASE READ! Index structure and guidelines

Sami Serola
By A Sami Serola club
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A) Please do not change symbols on indexes!

Admins will take care of that, and keep the symbols in line with articles, as soon as they can.

However, you can use especially the English index to open each article discussion topic.

Then start writing a new translation as a new comment on opened article. You can use the article in English as a draft. Go to English version, click "Edit", and copy all the contents. Be careful not to change the English original!

Then paste the copied text as a new comment. How you proceed with translation is up to you. You can either copy each paragraph separately, or copy all, and then make a quick translation on DeepL.

Make sure you use the same ipernity user interface phrases as there are used around ipernity. For example English title "Who sees what about you?" on "Profile and privacy" settings page becomes translated to "Wie kan wat van jou zien?" in Dutch.

Notice also the image "Alt" texts inside image codes. Try to find a proper translation also for those.

B) When you are working with articles, please identify the status of article on discussion topic, like this:

Article discussion topic

Use especially these symbols:

☒ Work in progress, an article is under construction at work group.
☑ Completed. You have done with editing, checked the user interface titles are in line with what is used around ipernity, and done with the proof reading. The editor (admins) considers it can be copied to FAQ account.

You can also add a link to article, or leave that for group admins (Rob & Sami).

Once you have marked the article completed (☑), then the admins know the article has been finalized, proof reading is done, and then article can be copied to FAQ account. When the copying is done, the admins will change the status to some of these:

▣ It is now in FAQ account.
◙ Moved to FAQ account, but updates required later.

C) Guidelines if new images needed

- On images, use red oval or rectangle instead of free hand to point out something.
- Avoid adding any phase numbers or arrows on images if possible. Arrows and phase order indicator is necessary only if it matters, Like A before B.
- Publish images under Creative Commons or free. Those who copy paste the contents to final FAQ, also need to copy the images to FAQ account.

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 Rob Stamp
Rob Stamp club
the image is newly done, to test a convention.

It was saved as 1000px wide (actually padded out on the right with white,
thus displayed at 500 is looks ok, appearing half as wide as it realy is (viewed on white background).
The previous more closely cropped image meant it appeared larger (while still a 500 wide image).
The image is (but visibility is "only me")

I was able to do the red oval with MS Paint, without needing PaintShopPro.
16 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Rob Stamp club
Edited by Guido:

Sorry, I have accidentally edited this post by Sami. I wanted to add a new answer and somehow clicked on the wrong button on my smartphone not realizing that I was changing an existing post instead of posting a new answer.
16 months ago. Edited 15 months ago.
 Guido Werner
Guido Werner club
Hello Rob, what is the easiest way to pad out the screenshots with white at the right? Last week I have made several screenshots and added red ovals with MSPaint 3D. But I am not satisfied at the moment because my screenshots appear too big in my view. Thus I would like to try Your method and pad them out at the right. I just need to figure out how to do that in an efficient way without generating the screenshots again from the scratch.
15 months ago. Edited 15 months ago.
 Rob Stamp
Rob Stamp club
From the menu select Canvas, find resize options on the right.
Uncheck lock aspect ratio, so that you only increase the width.
Also uncheck the "resize image with canvas".

It adds space both sides, so you either move the image, or add too much and crop the left side.

Aim for 1000 wide images in all cases. I have resized yours that were about 1300, down to 1000, then displayed at 500.
15 months ago.
 Guido Werner
Guido Werner club
Thanks for the explanation. I have tried your method for topic 2.3. I am still not fully satisfied. With the smaller images it might be easier to overlook the whole answer. But some site elements on the screenshots now are very small. If I compare with the larger images at the FAQ user account I am not sure if the smaller images are really better in this case. What do You think?
15 months ago.
 Rob Stamp
Rob Stamp club
2.3 choose account settings
this is the image in FAQ account, original is 1000x640

choose account settings
your from 2.3 discussion, original is 1000x324

ah, you added white space. For a cropped image eg of login form, this is when to add the white space, to prevent it being displayed larger than others. But if the snapshot is full size, whether ~1300 on your monitor, or ~1000 on mine. Technically no real need to resize from 1300 to 1000, the display at 500 would look the same. A personal habit that I strive for consistency.

Still playing with how to do other languages. Using the same images means new ones are not created. The legibility of the small text is not important, the images are guides to show the form they should see, and the location on the form indicated with the red oval.

Smaller images means less scrolling, worth considering, simple to do this to the image in FAQ account, the same 500 source image, but display width and height changed, without adding white space
2.3 choose account settings
15 months ago. Edited 15 months ago.
 Rob Stamp
Rob Stamp club
Revision to last idea above, FAQ account will use the 240px source file, for faster loading than the 500, and not needing the browser to display at reduced width. But still create a 1000px original.
15 months ago. Edited 15 months ago.
 Sami Serola
Sami Serola club
Bump! Please read the discussion topic =)
14 months ago.

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