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The "Sign the register / Signez le registre / Teilnahme bestätigen" discussion will be opened 15 minutes before the meeting is due to start. There you can write “present” in a comment as a record of your attendance.

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Welcome to Ipernity General Assembly 2020

The Ipernity General Assembly (IGA2020) will take place on Sunday, March 29, 2020, 17:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST)

In this discussion, to avoid confusion, please only post when invited to, at agenda item 3.
You will be informed when we open a discussion for collecting your votes, but you can read the instructions in one of them now.

Because the ipernity group uses static web pages, you should reload or refresh the web page at regular intervals (every 1 to 2 minutes), to monitor the exchanges. Depending on your device and browser, this may be with the F5 function key on your keyboard, or by clicking an icon in the toolbar. We will not rush ahead.

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The ima team:
Eric Desjours, France, Chief Executive Officer & provisional Chief Financial Officer
William Sutherland, United States of America, Chief Operating Officer
● Bernhard Westrup, Bergfex, Austria, Chief Marketing Officer
Rob Stamp, United Kingdom, Chief Technology Officer

As advisors:
● Christian Bucher, declic67, France
● Markus Fritsch, Boarischa Krautmo, Germany
● Sara Shrives, StoneRoad2013, United Kingdom
Sami Serola, Finland
● Tobias Bauer, Tobias B., Germany
Guido Werner, Germany
● Isabel Queiroz, Xata, Portugal

In supporting roles:
● Pam Johnson, Pam J, United States of America, Secretary
● Helena Paule, HelenaPF, France, Acting Secretary

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(In between: We haven't had a single internet transmission failure in all this time. That's great!)
4 months ago.
 Hervé S.
Hervé S. club has replied
indeed, really!!
4 months ago. club
Ladies and Gentlemen,
respected club members of ipernity,

we step on now with

Agenda item 12: Miscellaneous

As agenda item 12.1 the club member ©UdoSm submitted a motion,
which has been published here in advance. The translated wording is:

“At the Ipernity General Meeting 2020, I request that a resolution be made that it will again be possible to load one's own IP albums back onto one's own PC for backup purposes.
This possibility has not existed for years, because some of the former third-party programs for this purpose no longer exist, and some of them no longer run or only run with an increased security risk for one's own PC. Sami Serola, for example, has also investigated and determined this. I myself was often in exchange with Bernhard and William. All important competitors of IP have such possibilities. Thank you. UdoSM”

(You may read the German original here.)
4 months ago. club
Furthermore, some background information was made accessible, which Udo published in his own blog: Udo's article "Download from Ipernity to your own Computer" .

In a commentary underneath this article Sami Serola, who acts as technical advisor of the ima team, gave the following summary of the situation and the existing possibilities:

“Udo, I hope you do understand that all options have been and still are dependent on third party solutions. Christophe Ruelle and associates probably chose to use Metalink because it allows the access to full size images via one "link", instead of going through all individual links for each image.

However, Metalink, DownThemAll, and any of the available browsers are not under our control. We can only express our wishes for the developers of those services and software. Earlier versions of DownThemAll stopped working on Firefox because for example Metalink approach was no longer allowed by browser developers.

In short it really means that the only solution is to use browser and DownThemAlll versions old enough, which still allows Metalink."
4 months ago.
 Erhard Bernstein
Erhard Bernstein club
It's an interesting proposal, but what's the effort associated with it?
4 months ago.

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