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The "Sign the register / Signez le registre / Teilnahme bestätigen" discussion will be opened 15 minutes before the meeting is due to start. There you can write “present” in a comment as a record of your attendance.

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Welcome to Ipernity General Assembly 2020

The Ipernity General Assembly (IGA2020) will take place on Sunday, March 29, 2020, 17:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST)

In this discussion, to avoid confusion, please only post when invited to, at agenda item 3.
You will be informed when we open a discussion for collecting your votes, but you can read the instructions in one of them now.

Because the ipernity group uses static web pages, you should reload or refresh the web page at regular intervals (every 1 to 2 minutes), to monitor the exchanges. Depending on your device and browser, this may be with the F5 function key on your keyboard, or by clicking an icon in the toolbar. We will not rush ahead.

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The ima team:
Eric Desjours, France, Chief Executive Officer & provisional Chief Financial Officer
William Sutherland, United States of America, Chief Operating Officer
● Bernhard Westrup, Bergfex, Austria, Chief Marketing Officer
Rob Stamp, United Kingdom, Chief Technology Officer

As advisors:
● Christian Bucher, declic67, France
● Markus Fritsch, Boarischa Krautmo, Germany
● Sara Shrives, StoneRoad2013, United Kingdom
Sami Serola, Finland
● Tobias Bauer, Tobias B., Germany
Guido Werner, Germany
● Isabel Queiroz, Xata, Portugal

In supporting roles:
● Pam Johnson, Pam J, United States of America, Secretary
● Helena Paule, HelenaPF, France, Acting Secretary

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Agenda item 3: Determination of the quorum

Invitations to this online meeting were sent via ipernity Team Blog at March 13, 2020. The agenda and the proposed amendments to the Revised Statutes of the Association were brought to your knowledge together with the invitation.

By the closing date on Friday, 27 March 2020, 67 members had registered.

The registered members were informed in time about the technical procedure. Furthermore, they were given the opportunity to view the following documents 24 hours in advance:

● Report of the CEO (activity report)
● Report of the CFO
● Annual accounts 2019
● Election proposals for the ima team
● Motions by Members

This IGA 2020 group has restricted visibility. Only registered club members with voting rights have access. Separate discussions will be used for the prescribed votes.
4 months ago. club
From the ima team the following are logged in at this moment:

● Eric Desjours, (eric.desjours), France
● Bernhard Westrup, (bergfex), Austria
● Rob Stamp, (robstamp), United Kingdom

As advisors, assistants or auditors the following are logged in:

● Helena-Paule Fitoussi, France
● Isabel Queiroz Marcellot, (xata), Portugal
● Markus Fritsch, (b_k), Germany
● Pam Johnson, United States (hotline, spam removal)
● Sami Serola, (serola), Finland

Subsequent changes are possible.
4 months ago. club
The total number of attendees at this very moment is 39.
This may still change until the votings will take place.

We hereby declare that the meeting will take place in accordance with the Bylaws of Association and will be legally binding and quorate.
4 months ago. club
Agenda item 4: Report of the CEO on the past business year (2019)

We will publish this report in English here. Authorised translations in French and German are published simultaneously and can be consulted via the following links:

● English: IGA2020 - Report of the CEO
● Français: IGA2020 - Rapport du CEO
● Deutsch: IGA2020 - Bericht des CEO

If any of these languages is not your native language, you can have the report translated into your language using ipernity's internal translation function and read it in this way.

As all attendees have had the opportunity to read this report in advance, we are now publishing it here rather quickly.
4 months ago. club
Ladies and gentlemen,
respected club members of ipernity,

I would have preferred to be able to open our General Assembly today under different circumstances: With less worry about what is happening to us right now, how we can cope with everyday life, and what is yet to come.

But I think that what I can report on today can give you a good measure confidence, at least with regard to the future of ipernity. For many in our community, regular communication via ipernity is an integral part of everyday life.
4 months ago.

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