Group: Mammifères / Mammals /Säugetiere

Rencontre d'un beau chat vagabond.

Neighbour's Cat Just Visiting.

Stand still and smile at the photographer

Reba thinks we don't see her

Kitty In A Plastic Bowl.

le bond .........


Rencontrés !

Daguet dégustant des pousses fraîches

Reba the flying clown-dog

4709- Tamia


Das "große" Fressen

Riposo del guardiano. -21

HFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luna macht eine großen Spaziergang

Easter is over and there it is................Enla…

There they are again

When you forget you are sleeping on a slope And ro…

toutou en promenade

Il vient chercher les noisettes

Bonne journée de Mardi

Visite ce matin 27 FEVRIER

Not sure the HFfence is sufficient!

Barrel racing lesson

Dog and Iphone always with me