Group: nachtopnamen--night shots

Behind Dark trees

The Harvest Moon on the Equinox.

Royal theatre from 1938 mah remain

Twillight cirkle bench (Hbm)

Mo et le Ruban Rouge

42 36 100


to the misterious building

Place de la Liberté - Toulon


Notturno livornese/5

Hocheck Skipiste mit Flutlicht

Twillight flowers

I've been waiting for the night to fall

by night 17

steuerbord / backbord

Quando la felicità non la vedi, cercala dentro

Carcassonne by night

Moon and Jupiter

Last night -few minutes after 3 a m

Motorway at night!

The State Hotel in Imatra, Finland

raining on the road

The home coming

Feldkirch Österreich