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13/03/2017: The CrowdFunding campaign as officially begun. Even though the goal is listed at $25,000, we need approximately $30,000. If people honor their survey commitments, we should realize this.

We have approximately 2 weeks to achieve this goal. Even though it is a short time frame, it is achievable if everyone acts with urgency. I just made my own contribution and doubled what I had said I would offer in the survey so that the crowdfunding campaign begins with a good start.

The hyperlink for making donations is:

Please note, Indiegogo decides the method of payment.

These next two weeks will be the most critical and decisive. Starting tomorrow, IMA will provide daily updates as to the progress of the crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you for your support for this worthy cause to keep this unique and great site alive.
13.3.2017: Die CrowdFunding Aktion (Spendenaktion) hat offiziell begonnen. Obwohl das Ziel mit $25.000 angegeben ist brauchen wir etwa $30.000. Wenn sich alle an ihr Versprechen halten können wir das auch schaffen.

Wir haben ungefähr zwei Wochen, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen. Obwohl das ein recht kurzer Zeitraum ist, ist das zu schaffen, wenn alle zügig handeln. Ich habe gerade meinen Beitrag geleistet und habe den Betrag, den ich ursprünglich angegeben habe, noch einmal verdoppelt um die Aktion mit einen guten Start auf den Weg zu schicken.

Hier geht es zur Spendenplattform:

Bitte beachten: Indiegogo legt das Zahlungsverfahren fest (landesspezifisch).

Die kommenden zwei Wochen sind kritisch und entscheidend für die Zukunft von Ipernity. Ab Morgen wird IMA tägliche Statusmeldungen zum Fortschritt der Aktion veröffentlichen (unter dem o.g. Link kann man den Stand auch in Echtzeit verfolgen).

Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung für diese wichtige Aktion um diese außergewöhnliche Website am Leben zu erhalten.

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 William Sutherland
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Update 1: Total Donations as of 11:30 14 March 2017 GMT: $2,655
Update 2: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 15 March 2017: $7,264
Update 3: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 16 March 2017: $10,247
Update 4: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 17 March 2017: $12,510
Update 5: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 18 March 2017: $15,659
Update 6: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 19 March 2017: $18,586
Update 7: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 20 March 2017: $19,817
Update 8: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 21 March 2017: $22,488
Update 9: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 22 March 2017: $24,623
Update 10: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 23 March 2017: $25,338
Update 11: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 24 March 2017: $25,768
Update 12: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 25 March 2017: $26,678
Update 13: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 26 March 2017: $26,988
Update 14: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 27 March 2017: $27,600
Update 15: Total Donations as of 00:00 GMT 28 March 2017: $28,625

People can also view real time figures at the donation hyperlink! :)

Thank you everyone for your donation to support Ipernity! :)
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 William Sutherland
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I have been informed that some people mistakenly think there is plenty of time and ignore the real urgency of the situation. They think because their subscription runs until late 2017 or even into 2018 Ipernity will not shut down. This is not true!

The crowdfunding campaign is separate and independent of peoples' subscription payment to Ipernity S.A. and meant to erase a significant shortfall and buy time for the transfer of ownership to IMA. If the goal is not met, Ipernity WILL shutdown at the end of the month. It will be deemed financially unviable to continue. Therefore it is critical that everyone who wants Ipernity to continue participate in the crowdfunding.

Thank you to all who have already contributed and thank you in advance to those who will to save this great site.
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 William Sutherland
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17 March 2017: Good news! Ipernity S.A. has begun sending emails to the membership re: the crowdfunding effort.
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 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club

To everyone who has contributed to the crowdfunding campaign, IMA thanks you for your generosity.

We understand the growing pessimism and share your frustration. We are still waiting for a formal position from IP S.A. so we can make an announcement one way or the other. This has been strung out too long.

We have the necessary funds to proceed if IP S.A. intends to turn over the platform.

Even though some people share a different opinion, IMA has consistently been transparent and open with the membership within the legal constraints that require balancing dissemination of information and confidentiality.

In addition, members will return from Flickr or 23 HQ when the uncertainty is gone. No rational person who left would return to a site that has an uncertain future and invest new photos, articles and the precious time from their lives.

Also people should not be discouraged about the crowdfunding results. We have exceeded our goal and are hoping we surpass $30,000 if it is possible, an amount that had been included in our announcement when the crowdfunding began.

Likewise, know that some people will never donate, the best explanation for the smaller number of contributors than had been promised in the survey. Some who had promised to contribute never really had the intention to do so; to justify their broken promises they simply make excuses. Ipernity was not supposed to survive into March and a crowdfunding campaign was not really supposed to be started!

Still we have basically overcome this hurdle. Many people have given more than their commitment (some even doubling it) and others have made additional contributions. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and everyone should be proud of the results. After all, the crowdfunding campaign was not supposed to succeed in the view of those who had deliberately made empty promises or tried to thwart our efforts to date.

It will be a privilege to build the new Ipernity upon this loyal, rock-solid foundation and to count you people as the 'living, breathing' IMA and Ipernity!"

At the same time, it is not too late for those who made empty promises and placed a disproportionate share of the burden on others, to reconsider and join all of us who have spared no effort to save this great site.

As "Hard times will always reveal true friends" [Anonymous], we are learning who really loves this site. This does not refer to sincere people who could not make a donation because of financial circumstances, no credit card or other legitimate reasons. We know you love this site too and appreciate your moral support and prayers for the success of our campaign.

Ultimately, as we await IP S.A.'s decision, which will be announced as soon as we receive it, I encourage everyone to please stay and don't give up yet. We have already come a long way and the site still survives.
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 William Sutherland
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After taking so long to respond, which led to optimism on my part, Indiegogo suspended the account of Soca Jorge 1986 and returned the donations he made due to suspected fraudulent acts on his part.

It is disappointing and deflating that fraudsters like him can damage fundraising activities of non-profits. While the amount is $3862 less, the crowdfunding remains a success.

Last, it is better Indiegogo acted now before the crowdfunding effort ended. Otherwise IMA would have potentially been exposed to lawsuits for return of the funds by the credit card issuers.

All affected figures have been revised.

Much thanks goes to everyone who has donated to save this great site!
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 William Sutherland
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Final Figure: 0000 GMT 29 March 2017: $29,180.00
less Processing Fees: 1,040.10
less Bank Delivery Fee: 25.00

Net Total: $28,114.90
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