Group: " @ the Lakeshore - Am Seeufer - Au bord du lac "

cuore verde

waiting for autumn in Val Vény

Lago di S.Valentino

Eastern Tyrolean Dolomites at Night

Evening in the Eastern Tyrolean Dolomites

Eastern Tyrolean Dolomites

il lago di Resia

Bon week-end à tous

7h du matin, avant la chaleur... 7am, before the h…


Crépuscule en fusion / Twilight in fusion [ON EXPL…

Juste avant l'orage... Just before the storm... [O…

Ceresole Reale Lake fence



Abendstimmung am Müritz-See Evening mood at Lake…

H.A.N.W.E - at 'Brandenberg Yoke' (PiP upside down…

Lake 'Berglsteinersee' in Tyrol

The Guard

The Parents

H.F.F. - at Lake 'Berglsteinersee'

il cielo racconta

Frozen Lake 'Hundstalsee'

Jagdschloss zur fröhlichen Wiederkunft (PiPs)

Das Geisterschloss - The Haunted Castle

Small Lake (wide angle lens)

il cappello bianco