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Sami Serola
By A Sami Serola club
February  6, 2021 - 4 comments - 40 visits- Permalink

I have updated the group title (name) given in three languages (Deutch, English & Francais). The reason in this part mentioned in ipernity group guidelines:

"Formulate meaningful titles and clear descriptions
In this way, ensure that your groups are found when using the search function. Avoid special characters in the title. Formulate short, clear descriptions - at least in the three main languages of ipernity (English, French and German), but preferably in all seven languages."

So, no more dots and quotation marks, and photo instead of foto. Express your disagreement and explain it with good reasons, please ;-)
 Sami Serola
Sami Serola club
I suppose "photo domino" in English is the same in French(?)

And the German word Bilderdomino in all three languages because this group is probably well known by that name. No point to change something that makes the group known.
2 months ago.
Erika Akire club
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...many thanks Sami...
6 weeks ago.
Ghislaine club
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Sur le principe, adapter le le nom du groupe à chaque langue est une bonne chose.
Dans la pratique, pour les membres assidus, ce n'est pas forcément judicieux.
Personnellement "Bilderdomino" est un nom comme un autre qui est rentré dans mon vocabulaire comme beaucoup d'anglicismes entrés dans le français, que j'emploie, alors que je n'ai jamais appris l'anglais.

In principle, adapting the name of the group to each language is a good thing.
In practice, for regular members, it may not make sense.
Personally, "Bilderdomino" is a name like any other that has entered my vocabulary like many Anglicisms that have entered French, which I use, even though I never learned English.
5 weeks ago. Edited 5 weeks ago.
Sami Serola club
has replied to Ghislaine club
Comme vous pouvez le remarquer, j'ai conservé le "Bilderdomino" allemand sur toutes les versions comme première. Il est devenu le nom familier du groupe dans toutes les langues. Mais si vous avez une meilleure suggestion pour la deuxième partie en français, meilleure que "Photo Domino", alors veuillez me la suggérer =)
5 weeks ago.

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