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Flower Photography

It's tough at the top--

Extreme Rarities (2a): Old Snow at 1,450m End of J…


...was guck's du ...

Oman : Molta acqua quando arrivano i…

Nebelverhangen sind die Berge ... Stille

Le géant sage

Mountain High, Valley Low *)

H.A.N.W.E. - in "Tristans Kirchbogensteig"

Via Ferrata "Tristans Kirchbogensteig"

Weißbach bei Lofer

Ibón de Plan o Basa de la Mora

Alpine Idyll

Table Mountain

Beginning of Summer upon the Mountains

Overtourism (?)

Der einsame Wanderer... *)

Die Teufelsmauer von Westen (8xPiP)

Love is Everywhere



Access to the Rope Bridge

El caminito del Rey (Málaga)


Get Some Rest Before You Climb!

Ilhéus : i colori del rio Tijupe