Group: Night / Nuit / Nacht / Noche / Notte / 夜 / Nag / Nat / ليل / νύχτα

Night view

Carcassonne by night

Under The Bridge - Stirling Bridge

Badische Anilin- und Sodafabrik, Ludwigshafen

Matagarup Footbridge

Lagoon Nebula M8 & Trifid Nebula M20

Saalbeleuchtung (PiP)

Terrassenbeleuchtung (3xPiP)

Super moon over Fremantle.

Moon Rise to Total Eclipse

Its Only a paper moon on a Black canvas sky

Moon and mars

My view of the Eclipse

Mt Dale Radio Tower

Core by the trees.

Milky Way Bow

Cherry blossom 10

Cherry blossom 11

Fighting Dragons Of Ara Panorama NGC6188

IMG 0242 Marina de Papeete HFF

sunset from Empire State Building - 1986

Lichtershow am Römer (6 x PiP)

Prawn Nebula IC4628

Bath - Pulteney Bridge

IMG 9134 Night shot in Papeete