Group: Night / Nuit / Nacht / Noche / Notte / 夜 / Nag / Nat / ليل / νύχτα

Not so Shy Dragons

Bush fire.

Fighting Dragon Nebula

Fighting Dragons

Hotel garden at night

Comet Neowise and Cley Windmill

EOS 6D Peter Harriman 22 56 27 34752 cometC2020F3N…

Lagoon Nebula & Trifid Nebula- Do look large

Ecluse de Kœnigsmacker

Neowise C/2020 F3

Neowise C/2020 F3

Outer Limits- Saturn Worth a look large.

Jupiter and all its moons- Do look large.

Milky Way Core

Nilgen Reserve

Abendstimmung am Müritz-See Evening mood at Lake…


Promenade nocturne...



Molo w Sopocie

Midnight at the crossroads