Group: Asie

Gek Adii before Sekar Jepun dancing

Portrait of Gek Adii

Boy greets in Singaraja

Anjeli and Chandra

Nong Chok village

Muslim girls and their school uniform

Hmong kids like to be photographed

Lijiang Black Dragon Pool

Preparing offerings to spend to hindu gods

Worshippers praying to Hindu gods

Topeng Sida Karya

Chauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha Image

One more thanaka makeup face

Way into the Banteay Srei complex

Dragon costume at the Chinese New Year January 200…

Ancient Theatrical Pavilion โรงละคร

Textile from Houaphan

Friendly smile of a simpatico vendor lady


Market-woman steering her boat on the Hậu Giang ri…

Bangkok, Chinese New Year 2007

Phnom Kulen Reclining Buddha

Holy altar on the steps to the reclining Buddha


An holy shrine at Preah Ang Thom

Way up to the holy hill top


Mosque in Chong Khneas


Memorable photo in Bayon temple complex

Cloister of the second level