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By ima:
January 15, 2010 - 64 comments - 7 011 visits

Well, maybe it's time to clarify the situation.

What you call "censorship" we call it "moderation to protect children". If you claim "No moderation for art content", our answer is clearly NO. We do have a responsibility concerning content published by our members regarding children protection. You will never find any sharing platform without moderation system. If you don't accept any moderation rules, we recommend you to create your own site under your own responsibility.

Don't believe rules have changed. We have moderated content since our launching in April 2007 and several accounts are suspended or closed every day.

While waiting the implementation of our rating/filtering system, we ask our members to share in private, content not suitable for children (you can notice we don't ask them to remove such content, just to change sharing settings. Only illegal content regarding the French law must be removed).

We agree with you about the fact this method is not perfect and we should quickly implement a rating/filtering system. That's what we expected more than one year ago. We even started a group to open a discussion with our members about this topic. Go here to read our conclusions. The main principle is to set the default browsing level to “moderate” and to let the possibility to users to set it to “safe”. This is a fundamental difference with other sites which set their default level to “safe” and give an image of a candy world that is not reality.

So, why this system has not yet been implemented? It needs a huge amount of work and unfortunately we lacked technical human resources in 2009 (when the technical team is composed of 2 people and when one leaves the company, you lose 50% of our technical resources). We also spent in 2009 all our energy to raise funds, to hire new talents and to train them to our technologies. Now the technical team is composed of 5 people and we are ready to start again developments and improvements of ipernity.

We’ve heard and understood your claims: we’ve just decided to put on our top priority the implementation of this rating/filtering system. We’ll start this project next week and we expect to complete it by end February 2010. We’ll keep you informed in our blog.

Unhappy valuable members make us not happy too. We hope we’ve brought a positive answer to your claim. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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.t.a.o.n. has replied
bonjour, alain,

on a essayé à communiquer avec le team, on a écrit des mails, on a fait des entrées au guestbook de lea, réponse: rien !

t'as raison, c'est mieux à communiquer avec le team en francais, mais sur une plateforme internationale il doit etre possible à communiquer en anglais, aussi...

je suis content, que des amis francophone cherchent le contact avec le team maintenant, et j'espère que les résultats sont des autres comme notres...

pardonne-moi mon francais, mon ami, maintenant tu peut comprendre parce qu'il n'est pas facile pour moi a communiquer en francais... ;-)


7 years ago.
GRANAD'A has replied
I thank you Robert... I think too that english is the most international known language...
I wtite my com in franch for two reasons...
First because Ipernity is french and I suppose it understood better (??... Not sure ??)...
And because I'm decept by rhe attitude of the absence of french people...
Where are Astérix and Obélix..? Lol
7 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied
of course it's better to communicate in french with a french administration and i hope my french friends will do this now ! and i hope, they have more success than we had !
asterix and obelix are in rome, they have a date with cesar at the colosseum... :-)))
7 years ago.
Herr K.
Herr K.
7 years ago.
Herr K.
Herr K.
Here's a suggestion:

*everyone* go to

type "ipernity is broken" in the subject line,

and let them know – in kind words, of course – how much their censorship behaviour, their non-communication and their community malpractice pisses us off. Maybe with a link to some of the hundreds of "no censorship" threads we have gathered over the time.

I know, they won't care. They don't care for over a year now. We don't exist. We're obviously just a nuisance to them. But it's a way to let them know we're still there.

7 years ago.

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