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awful day

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"I'm going to be late," Karen kept thinking to herself as she
drove down the freeway to work.
"Next exit, then 4 turns and 2 lights," she kept saying to
herself. She was a little careless as she hurried down the road.
"7:54 -- I have to park, then wait for the elevator. I'm going to
be late...." She parked her car in the lot. Because of her tardiness,
she had to park at the far end of the lot. She grabbed her purse and
slammed the car door and nearly ran to the office. Just as she
approached the door, something distracted her and she looked away for an
Wham! She ran right into him. At least he was holding the door
open. Karen dropped her purse in the collision.
"Excuse me ma'am," he said, "Here, let me help you." He picked up
her purse and handed it to her. All she could do was stare. He was tall,
about 6-2. His chest was broad, with muscular shoulders and short blonde
hair. He had on a dorky-looking yellow hard-hat. He was wearing a plain,
button-down work shirt and jeans with brown leather work boots.
"Uuhh, I'm sorry. Thanks," was all she could bring herself to say.
Karen was still in a daze.
"Are you OK? You need to slow down a little," he said with a look
of modest concern.
"Uuhh, yeah. I'm fine. I'm sorry for running into you," she
replied. He held the door open for her. She took her purse and walked,
almost stumbling, toward the elevator. The doors opened almost
immediately. "Whew," she thought to herself. The image of him was fixed
into her mind. There was something about him.
Karen's morning was busy and boring as usual. Typing, filing, and
paperwork. Her boss yelled at her for being 2 minutes late again. She
promised to make it up over lunch time, taking only 20 minutes this
time. She was used to it.
"Who was he? That man at the lobby... I can't get him out of my
mind," Karen kept thinking to herself. She had never seen him before.
Workers were always around her building, either remodeling suites for
new renters or making repairs.
Lunch time arrived and Karen went downstairs to the deli for a
small salad as usual. She went outside to sit in the sun on one of the
park benches in front of the building. No one else was there yet, so she
sat sideways, with her legs up on the bench. She closed her eyes and
relaxed for a minute before eating. His image was still in her mind. He
was such a hunk -- the thought of him almost made her horny. She moved
her legs down to sit up straight and eat.
"Damn! I did it again!" Karen thought to herself. As she slid her
legs down, a small splinter on the bench snagged the stocking on her
right leg. "Damn. A run. And no spares in my purse. This is really my
lucky day," she was thinking. She looked around. No one was around yet.
It was still just a little early for most people's lunch. "It will only
take a second," she thought as she pulled her skirt up and unhooked her
stockings on each side and pull them down. Just as she rolled her
stockings down, she looked up.
There he was again, watching her. Him. The same man she ran into
in the morning. He was setting some decorative bricks around the
sidewalk in front of her building. "Where did he come from," she
thought. He was staring at her. She blushed. "Did he see me pull up my
skirt?" She looked at him. She felt a warm blush in her face. He was
just looking at her while he worked. Karen looked down and started
eating her salad. He looked away and continued working. He never noticed
her again. His image was still in her mind.
Karen went back to work, stopping at the ladies' room to remove
her garter belt. The afternoon continued just as the morning. Busy
drudgery. She couldn't wait until 5:00.
"Finally," she thought to herself as she walked to her car.
"Finally, I can go home." She unlocked the door and sat in. She threw
her purse over to the passenger seat. She inserted the key and turned
it. Nothing. Just a click. "Dead battery. What a rotten day," she
Tap, tap, tap. Someone was tapping on her car window. She looked
out. All she saw were his jeans, and the bulge they contained. She
instinctively locked the door. Tap, tap, tap. "What?" She said. He
leaned over. It was HIM. HE was tapping on her car window. "Problem
miss? Can I help?" He asked.
"Umm, yeah. My battery seems dead," Karen said through the closed
window. "Roll down the window a little, ma'am," he said. "I understand
if you are scared of me." Karen rolled her window down an inch. "Release
the hood latch under your dashboard," he ordered. She felt down, around
her left knee. Yes, there. She pulled. The hood popped up two inches. He
walked in front of the car and released and raised the hood.
"Yuck. Here's the problem," He said to her. "Your battery
connectors are corroded. I can fix it in about 2 minutes for you."
"Thanks so much," she said. She was scared somehow. She didn't
know why. There were other people around. It was still early and light
out. Still... She just sat there. Meanwhile, he used a wrench and some
other tools. It only took a couple of minutes.
"Try it now," He said, as he stood back, next to her door. The car
started immediately. He walked around and closed the hood.
"I don't know how to thank you," Karen said to him. "It's OK,
miss. I am happy this is all it was," he said to her. "If you drive for
at least 20 minutes before turning off then engine, the battery will
recharge and be fine. Good luck." And she was off.
As she drove toward home, Karen's mind was in a daze. Who was he?
She stopped at the market for some groceries on the way home. By the
time she got home, it was quite dark out. She walked up the stairs to
her apartment and let herself in. She dropped the groceries on the
counter as she entered. She hated entering her dark apartment, but it
was that time of the year.... She turned on the light and walked into
the living room. She turned on all the lights as she walked to her
bedroom. She threw her purse down on her dresser and pulled out her
stockings, one with a run, and her lace garter belt. She tossed the
ruined stocking in the trash. What an awful day. Who was HE?
Karen started taking off her clothes, as usual, when she got home.
First, she pulled the silk blouse over her shoulders and hung it up. As
she turned around, she noticed him. The empty apartment across the lot
was now occupied. She never bothered with the curtains much because that
apartment was empty for almost a year, so it was a surprise to her to
look out, standing in the bright light of her room, looking out her
window and into his.
It was HIM. HIM -- that man. Tall, blonde, muscular. He still had
on those jeans, but his shirt was off. What shoulders. What a hunk she
thought, as she stood there with only her bra and skirt on. It made her
horny. After all, he saw her raise her skirt, now he sees this. There
would be no harm in this. She stood facing him at the full-length window
in her bedroom. They looked into each other's eyes. She ran her hands
down her sides and over her small breasts. Her nipples hardened. He was
just standing there. Not moving. Watching.
Karen was in a trance. She unzipped her skirt, and pulled it and
the short slip down over her hips. She stood there, with only her
underwear and heels on. Watching. Looking. He was staring at her. She
loved the attention. No harm. She started to rub her breasts some more.
She ran her hands down her sides and over her small, round ass. She
moved her hands up, over her breasts, again. This time, down and one
hand into her panties. She was wet. Very wet. No harm. She looked away
for a second, then back. The apartment was dark! He was gone. Where did
he go? He was there staring at her just half a second ago.
Karen quickly closed the curtains. She hung up her skirt and put
the slip over a chair. She slipped off her heels and put them in the
closet. She put on her terricloth robe and went to the kitchen to get
some dinner. Her panties were wet. She was horny. "Not now -- I must eat
something. Where did he go?" She thought. She opened the refrigerator.
Leftover chicken and rice. She put it in the microwave oven. What was
A knock on the door. Who was that? Her neighbor was out of town.
She had to feed his cat. Another knock. "Ug. Solicitors," she thought.
She opened the door. It was HIM. HE was at the door. He pushed the door
open and pulled her close to him. He slammed the door behind him.
"Stop. Stop. no. Who are you? What are you doing here? Leave!" She
ordered. Karen was helpless now. He was as strong as he looked. He held
her close to him, almost lifting her to his lips with one arm. "STOP!"
She ordered once again. He just held onto her and began kissing her.
First her lips, then her neck. With the door closed, his other arm was
free. He pulled her robe off. He forced his lips to hers. She shook her
head to the side. "Stop! NO!" Was all she could say. She was getting
scared. He forced her backwards to her bedroom and pushed her down
backwards onto the bed. As he leaned over her, Holding her hands tightly
over her head with just one of his. He pulled his shirt off, popping all
of the buttons. He reached down, unfastened his belt, and unsnapped his
pants with one hand.
"No. No -- Please." Karen pleaded. It was useless. She looked
down. He was huge. All she had on were her bra and panties. Bra and
panties she displayed to him at the window. He reached down and ripped
her panties aside. "No. No. Please stop."
He did it. He forced his huge cock into her. He rammed his hard
meat all the was in. He let out a grunt. Karen went limp. She closed her
eyes. He pulled out his cock and drove it in again, harder. She was so
wet; he slid so easily. "You wanted this, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?" He
said to her, impatiently, while fondling her through her bra with his
free hand. Karen was silent. He was right. She pulled her knees up. He
started thrusting harder and deeper. It felt like he was in her stomach,
he was so deep. It hurt, but it felt so good.
"Unnh.. Unnh.. Aahh.. Mmmm." Was all Karen could say. It was
enough. He seemed to get bigger with each thrust. She felt him in her
throat. Harder, deeper. "Ahh.. Uhhh.. Unnh.. Oohh.. Ohhh.. Uhhh..
Unnh.." She was coming. She couldn't help it. He was raping her and she
wanted it. She wanted more. He was breathing hard, but otherwise silent.
"Ahh.. Ahh.. Ohhh.." Her legs wrapped around him tightly. He pounded her
with his cock. His huge cock. Harder, faster. "Ohhhhhhh.... Ahhhhhhhh"
Karen started her orgasm. It was lasting forever. Her whole body shook.
He came inside her, flooding her with his semen. She felt the wet warmth
throughout her. He was still pounding her. She was almost screaming. It
felt so good.
He finally stopped. She put her legs down and opened her eyes. He
was handsome. A real hunk. He raped her. He got up and pulled his pants
up, grabbed his shirt, and quickly left. Karen just laid there. Who was
he? "I've been raped. I have to call the police," she started thinking.
"I stripped for him. I lifted my skirt for him. He will go free. What's
the point? But he took me against my will. Never mind my orgasm." She
was thinking to herself. She was confused. She called the police.

"About 6-2, 180 pounds. Big, muscular shoulders. Short blonde
hair. Light blue button-down shirt. Blue-jeans. Big, leather work boots.
He lives in that apartment over there -- the dark one" She dictated a
description. The officer didn't ask about her behavior. He didn't ask if
she enjoyed it. He didn't ask about the size of his cock. "Is this all
of the evidence?" the officer asked, holding her torn panties. "Yes."

The police took her to the hospital for an exam.
"Did he use a condom?" the doctor asked.
"No. He just forced me down and raped me." Karen replied.
"Did you take a bath? Or douche? Did you wash at all?" she was
"No. Nothing."
"Did he ejaculate inside you?"
"Yes. Lots." Karen said, feeling almost humiliated by all the
"Well, we see no evidence of rape. There is no sign of semen
anywhere. We can tell you had something large inside your vagina, but
there is no physical evidence." The doctor looked at her skeptically.

The first officer, the one who questioned her at home, met her at
the hospital. "That apartment you pointed out - the one across the lot
from your bedroom -- it's empty. No one has lived there for a year." The
officer explained. "The manager was going to get it remodeled, but no
work has started yet. It has been locked up all night. Are you sure that
is where you saw him?" Karen was even more confused.
The officer took her home and walked her up to her apartment. She
went in. The lights were all on. The officer walked in with her. He made
sure it was empty. "Are you OK, Ma'am?" He asked. "Do you need us to
call a friend over for you?"
"No. I'm Ok. But I saw him in that apartment."
"If you see him again, call me right away. Here's my card. The
case number is printed on it." The officer left, locking the door behind
Karen took a long, hot bath. She soaked for over an hour. "How
could this have happened?" She thought. "What happened? He WAS here."
The doctor was right. Her pussy only had her own juices. What happened?
She got up, and dried off.
As she walked into her bedroom and pulled down the blankets, she
saw something on the floor.
"What's this?" She said to herself. She bent over.

It was a button.

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