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ubu - September 21, 2014 new

www.youtube.com/watch Poët ! Poët !.... Je pose la question : Sommes-nous vraiment des princesses ? Oui, j’en bavardais l’autre jour par inter, nette et pausée. Avec une amie. J’aime autant. On parle des mêmes choses, et pour couronner le tout, et de rien, de nous. Je le conseille. L’état de principautière longtemps déprécié reprend du lustre. Je le vois autour de moi : la Letizia madrilène, les anglaises, les danoises… Il en sort de tout côté. Et puis toutes celles…

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Boa noite - September 19, 2014 new

Que vossos sonhos sejam de paz, e saibam que so se vive uma vez na vida,aproveitem!

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Scotland Wallaces Wail -Britain Defeated By Fear Too - September 19, 2014 new

My political position is not coloured by party. I support none of them at all. I do support ordinary peoples lives, local power, and have aided people in the community in direct ways to make their lives better. I am industrially skilled essentially(Fabrication-Welding) and come from the working classes of Birmingham and their long travails. My family (mothers side) from gun barrel riflers onwards has been in Birmingham for 200 years. Global shifts of capital and poor political planning have…

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A night time visitor - September 17, 2014 new

Last night as I sat relaxing Sooty came up to me telling me a tale,I went with him towards the kitchen thinking he had eaten the food I had put out for him. Instead he jumped on the the window sill and away he went. Thinking it was another of his games I sat down again.A minute or so later he returned and repeated the process. I looked out of the window and could see a dark shape down by the fruit bushes so I went and had a look. It was a hedgehog tucking into what appeared to be a chunk of the…

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Twilight Zone !! - September 13, 2014

Just an amusing note... Today... I get an Ipernity message.... that's fine. Its from a group telling me I have been summerily zapped from it and I can if I wish ask one of the group admins for reasons. Not bothered..... mainly because ...... I never belonged to the group..... EVER !!! Never heard of the group ..... EVER !!! The admins are unreachable as whoever they were (and it doesnt tell you !) they no longer have an account !!! Sigh........ I live in an area where we have little or n…

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Glass Empty - September 19, 2014 new

She was lost so then free She is alone but still alive. Lost , free and Alone Alone , lost and free. The glass is empty and her bed too. Lost , free and Alone Until the end of the world She'll stay Empty like The glass and her bed.

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Pilotos de aerolínea francesa analizan prolongar huelga. Французские летчики авиакомпании расширить забастовку анализировать. Fransız havayolu pilotları grev analiz uzatmak. الطيارو - September 19, 2014 new

[es en fr ha pt ru tr ch ar] París, 19 sep (PL) Los sindicatos de pilotos de la aerolínea francesa Air France, en huelga hoy por quinto día consecutivo, analizan ampliar la protesta la semana próxima ante la ausencia de respuesta de la empresa a sus demandas. El paro tiene un elevado nivel de acatamiento de tres cuartas partes de los trabajadores según los gremios, si bien la dirección del grupo reconoce un 60 por ciento de participación. La víspera las negociaciones con los representantes de…

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Pourquoi ? - September 18, 2014 new

*Mais pourquoi ne lisez-vous les articles de vos copains virtuels ??????????????

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Petit montage sur le brame - September 19, 2014 new

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The end of street photography in Germany? - September 17, 2014 new

In the verge of tightening the rules against child pornography, the German minister of justice has proposed a couple of new laws. Among them is also a new rule concerning taking, distributing, and publishing photos of adults. So far, there is one strict rule: if somebody hides against being seen - e.g. in private rooms, or on the toilet - intruding into this protected area and taking a photo is prosecutable. This is a reasonable and easy-to-follow rule. The proposed change limits prosecutability…

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