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Another scam to be aware of - January 10, 2017

www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jan/10/browser -autofill-used-to-steal-personal-details-in-new-ph ising-attack-chrome-safari

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NPD Abuse On A Mass Scale - January 10, 2017

We have an entire generation plus some who have been victims of NPD abuse. The media have operated as flying monkeys, delivering a distorted view of reality, promoting people to break down what natural and healthy boundaries they have, all in the name of inclusiveness, and diversity. The majority have been gaslighted to believe that who they are and where they came from are evil and bad. Their own thoughts and ideas are not their own, but were rather put there through built in social construct.…

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Eménagement.. - January 15, 2017 new

..en cours !

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BILAN DES SILENCES DU VENTOUX 2016 - January 21, 2017 new

Trés peut de visiteurs pendant les expos ,elles sont trop éparpillées dans les 11 communes retenues ,, en maxi dans de le centre de SAULT 500 personnes sur quatres jours ,??? Trop de choses en même temps expositions , conférénces, sentier thématique ,film , Une mauvaise organisation avec un mauvais flèchage pas de plans ou se trouve les expos , les visiteurs tournent en ronds , Mauvais choix des photographes , certain n'ont pas leurs place dans ce genre d'expo qui veut montrer aux publics de…

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Marissa Meyer Gone - Ipernity Still In The Game? - January 10, 2017

10th Jan 2017 No point in wasting a good story. Over to Twitter to show others . There's a possibility now of perhaps more information being forthcoming and to see if community involvement can reach the dizzy heights of some ownership over the Ipernity site. We will see. There are some great ideas being pushed now comes the devil in the detail times ahead . Four posters : Autofantasia , William Sutherland , Eric Desjours , and Claus Peter have pushed the issues as far as they could with ide…

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Peut être qu'un au revoir - January 16, 2017 new

Bonjour à tous. Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2017 avec plein de bonheur, de belles choses et de belles images pour vous et vos proches pour cette nouvelle année. Mais... sans Ipernity. J'ai passé du temps ici et découvert de belles personnalités et de superbes photos. Maintenant je ne sais plus trop que faire... Connaissez vous un autre endroit ? En tout cas merci à vous tous d'avoir regardé mes pages et peut être à bientôt... Enrouler nos peaux pour ne pas s'oublier et…

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Xi Jinping renkontiĝis kun Doris Leuthard - January 16, 2017 new

La 15-an de januaro, ĉina prezidanto Xi Jinping atingis Zurikon kaj komencis la ŝtataferan viziton en Svislando. Tiutage, akompanate de svisa prezidanto Doris Leuthard, Xi Jinping veturis per speciala trajno al Berno, ĉefurbo de la lando. Dum la vojaĝo, Xi Jinping kaj lia edzino Peng Liyuan gustumis teon kaj ĝoje interparolis kun Doris Leuthard kaj ŝia edzo Roland Hausin. Xi Jinping diris, ke li tre ĝojas viziti Svislandon kaj ĉeesti la Jarkunvenon de la Monda Ekonomia Forumo en 2017, komence…

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La cirkloj de Ipernito - The circles of Ipernity - January 15, 2017 new

Mia ideo pri Ipernito hodiaŭ kaj morgaŭ (en simpla formo).
My idea about Ipernity today and tomorrow (in a simple form).
Mon idée sur Ipernity aujourd'hui et demain (en une forme simple).
La mia idea su Ipernity oggi e domani (in forma semplice).

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comparing ipernity and Flickr, and hoping for a reprieve - January 11, 2017

I see that there has been a postponement of the closure, and the faint possibility of a reprieve: www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4646844 I really hope this can be one small victory this year, in a year which looks awfy dark otherwise. Since the announcement, I've reactivated my Flickr account, and for the last few weeks have been posting the same content on both sites. It's interesting to reflect on the differences between the two sites. Flickr remains irritating to use - too many menus and…

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A special day for a very special lady. - January 11, 2017

As many of you know today is Jenny's birthday. Since we came aceoss each other on Yahoo Q&A we have become great friends and been through good times and bad always supporting each other. I get to see her as often as finances allow I hope to pay a visit later in the year. Happy birthday dear Jenny and many more to come

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