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IMA NEWSFLASH Oct. 13, 2017 / 13. Oct. 2017 - October 13, 2017

For Information : C&P from Team IMA Blog www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4680570 [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) After having fixed the card and skrill payment issues just very recently, we are happy to confirm that the financial side of Ipernity has significantly stabilized. We already lowered the operation costs considerably and aspire to lower them further until the end of the year. 2) The latest bug, concerning the Google translator, has also been fixed. 3) Already, many existin…

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Hier encore... - October 12, 2017

J'ai perdu mon temps A faire des folies Qui ne me laissent au fond Rien de vraiment précis Que quelques rides au front Et la peur de l’ennui .

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l'HYPOCRISIE DES AMANTS - October 11, 2017

c'est quoi pour toi ... aimer etre amoureux ? connaitre le moindre recoin de la peau? ou savoir si l'autre aime le beurre sale ou le rock inde ? ça veut dire quoi pour toi etre amoureux pour moi ca ne veut et cela n'a jamais voulu RIEN DIRE

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Pippin was enjoying the sun - October 17, 2017 new

I was sitting in my lounge, starting on sewing the footballer, Josh wants for Christmas. It's quite difficult because I haven't found a pattern I can use. So after rifling around in my pattern box, I found a pattern for a doll called Raggedy Ann - so I only wanted the basic pattern for the body - I'll just make some shorts and top for when I finish it. I must also find out his favourite footballer, and find out his number for the back of the shirt and whether he has dark hair, or any facial hai…

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All is quiet at last - October 17, 2017 new

After a 30hour battering by 70 to 80mph winds and heavy rain the storm has past leaving a trail of damage in it's wake. I didn't get off this time with damage to the weatherboard under the eaves and a garden in complete turmoil At least the power stayed on others weren't so lucky there. We have a lot of flooding and damage to buildings and the local football stadium lost it's roof.

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He wouldn't be outdone!! - October 16, 2017 new

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Busy - October 16, 2017 new

On Wednesday I met my sister for lunch. We discussed where to go, I mentioned a few places I like, and she chose one – she was paying. After our meal I popped to the loo, and she stated the lights were getting to her, and that she’d pay then wait outside. I was only gone a couple of minutes but when I came back, there was no sight of her. She wasn’t outside the restaurant, nor outside the centre we were in, so I made my way back to the car, and there she was! I know she suffers from anxiety, how…

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Recuperando versos. Amores y ciudades - October 15, 2017 new

Ayer dije a una amiga que tan solo hago versos a amores, mujeres y ciudades y paisajes que siento como mios y en lso que he sido feliz la eternidad de ese instante.

Hoy el paisaje es Granada y los versos pié de fotografía de alguien, que se llama Rafael, que hace, de realidades, sueños de arte tambien en la felicidad de ese instante,

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Dear IP friends - October 12, 2017

I will be off until end of October 2017. –– Ich bin abwesend bis Ende Oktober 2017.

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Eine tragische Fledermausgeschichte - hoffentlich mit Happy End! - October 12, 2017

Eines Tages sah ich im Vorbeigehen in meinem Treppenhaus einen dunklen Flecken auf einem Kaktus, der vorher nicht dort gewesen war. Als ich näher hinsah, entdeckte ich mit Entsetzen auf einem Kaktusstachel ein kleines Fledermäuschen. Mit einem Füßchen hielt es sich an einem anderen Stachel fest. Ich befreite es vorsichtig mit einem großen Müllbeutel aus dem stacheligen Gesellen. Auf der Terrasse öffnete ich den Plastikbeutel und sah, dass das Tierchen heftig atmete, es lebte also noch!…

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