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Laisses Tomber tes problèmes,, et on monte le son - July 18, 2017 new

ce que la lumière est aux yeux, l'air est aux poumons, By ce que la lumière est aux yeux, l'air est aux poumons, 1 favorite - 19 visits

11 July 2017: Contract for IMA takeover of the Ipernity Platform (reposted) - July 12, 2017

William Sutherland posted an article in the IMA Project Group on 11th July 2017. www.ipernity.com/group/2260604/discuss/187672 C&P in full .... Dear members, We are absolutely delighted to share with you that the legal basis of our IMA goal to take the Ipernity platform over is achieved: Ipernity S.A. (represented by Christophe Ruelle) and IMA (represented by Eric Desjours) signed the contract regarding the transfer of the Ipernity platform, the underlying intellectual property and associated…

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11th JULY NEWS from the IMA - July 12, 2017

Can be seen below and in the IMA Project Group here


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LA FANTOMO DE L' OPEREJO (86) - July 12, 2017

Karaj legantoj, karaj geamikoj,

Jen la sekva parto de via felietono, kiun mi esperantigis por via plezuro...

Agrablan legadon!

Por malkovri la unuan epizodon de tiu longa romano, jen ties ligilo:


Mi tre dankas al IVAR, GINETTE kaj ANJO pro ilia amika helpo!

MIKELO (Michel Dereyger) By MIKELO (Michel Dereyger) 5 comments - 2 favorites - 43 visits

My garden - O meu jardim - July 11, 2017

My garden is where I plant myself waiting for nature to swallow me. While I wait my eyes wander through multiple colours shapes and perfumes taht stritch me to the canvas chair where I sleep. O meu jardim é onde me planto à espera que a natureza me engula. Enquanto espero meus olhos vagueiam por múltiplas cores formas e perfumes que me cosem à cadeira de lona onde dormito. by Armando TABORDA, 2017

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Stupid has finally flown the nest (or should I say - the roof) - July 15, 2017 new

I did exactly what everyone told me to do - not fed the bird. It was very difficult because Stupid Cupid keep looking at me through the kitchen window and uttering that mournful cry (high pitched screech) but I kept myself from giving him any food in the hope he would fly away like his other siblings still on the roof. He seemed to be quite happy staying up on that damn roof - which is now covered completely in .... poo!!!! Mum kept popping down and talking to him, obviously giving him what fo…

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Site security - July 13, 2017 new

Both Mozilla Firefox and Google indicate that Ipernity is not a secure site and sensitive details like passwords or credit cards should not be entered because it could be stolen, With membership renewals due shortly Is this something IMA will have to address?.

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My PC has gone down - July 13, 2017

Unfortunately, my laptop has used up all its spare capacity in its c drive and is now giving me a lot of trouble, I cannot convert raw files to go into Photoshop. I have ordered a new laptop which will be here before the 2nd of August but till then I shall be having trouble getting photos up into Ipernity,. I shall try an old computer till my next laptop arrives but I'm not hopeful.

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Meze de julio - July 13, 2017

Jen tago libera, sed ĝi ne estas vere tute libera ĉar mi devis ĉeesti kunvenon pri la “reiri-al-lernejo” promocio de niaj hartondejoj. Mi iris kun du aliaj kunlaborantoj. Unu estas mia estro. La posedanto de la hartondejo. La kunlaboranto kiu ne estas la estro faris stultajn demandojn al la aliaj ĉeestantoj tie. Mi kaj mia estro estis iom embarasigitaj. Mi devis forlasi la kunvenon iom frue por veturigi mian fraton al lia kuracista rendevuo. Mi veturigis la aŭton trans la riveron de nia urbo du…

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Le phare - July 10, 2017

Suivre le phare Sa lueur nous appelle Pour se retrouver .

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