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By Régis Desailly

By malona

By Thomas Arend aka Byg…

Zoe Christmas Card for 2010
By Kathleen Thorpe-BUSY

Cutie | Yawn
By Doomshammer

Film photography Scan10043
By Roberto Ballerini -…

By samantha

church of the good shepherd
By markus a. loisson

By Dominique Lempereur

Beluga Crossing
By ctofcsco

Wonder of nature.. watch the egg
By ♥Annieta♥

Another perfect trashday in Albuquerque land of enchantment.
By Tim Kiser

By ♥Annieta♥

By ♥Annieta♥

Albuquerque fur maintenance and storage; I wouldn't've thought there'd be a need for fur storage in Albuquerque because the residents wear their furs all year around?
By Tim Kiser

The glassblock is not ruined any more.
By Tim Kiser

Always frightened of the next truck.  And possibly sometimes of the people in it!
By Tim Kiser

Inhospitable garden of the former "Bobb Automotive" of Columbus Ohio, for powerlines to try to offer their insubstantiality of shade to some lucky few of the plants in.
By Tim Kiser

A pelican-billed gray-winged yellowbird, visibly quite upset.
By Tim Kiser

The 4th-northeasternmost Dunkin' Donuts restaurant in the state of Delaware.
By Tim Kiser

Likeable enough Mpls fancey civic dumpstra.
By Tim Kiser

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, dancing nylon tube decoration gets rented in Mexican flag colours.
By Tim Kiser

2009 Grand National Roasdster Show
By B C

Milky Way & terrastrial storm clouds in Yosemite / Tioga Pass
By Stargazer95050

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