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  • Being Thankful

    Being Thankful
    When the paths that we take in life become overshadowed with obstacles, the best route to take is to be optimistic and thankful. The people who become successful use their struggles to become stronger, and surround themselves with others who see opportunities from each failure. Know too, that when we focus on God instead of self, and tell our obstacles about God, instead of telling God about our obstacles, we see tiny bits of progress each day as if there is light at the end of the tunnel.…

  • The optimist

    As a matter of fact the optimist is quite optimistic. Nearly always he sees the good part of things. A thunderstorm e.g. is fantastic and interesting rather than irritating or frightening. Getting wet to the core because of bad timing of a bycicle tour (through the rain), makes him laugh rather than shouting curses to the wheathergod. The solution of friends problems is just a matter of different approach and really difficult ones just need some talk to friends, a handful of good will and time t…