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  • Being Thankful

    Being Thankful
    When the paths that we take in life become overshadowed with obstacles, the best route to take is to be optimistic and thankful. The people who become successful use their struggles to become stronger, and surround themselves with others who see opportunities from each failure. Know too, that when we focus on God instead of self, and tell our obstacles about God, instead of telling God about our obstacles, we see tiny bits of progress each day as if there is light at the end of the tunnel.…

  • Personal Reflections on China

    As I had noted in my previous blog entry , I traveled to China earlier this month. I spent a little more than two weeks there. The trip was both remarkable and enriching. Beijing provides a kind of sketch that illustrates the extraordinary progress China has made in its economic development in recent decades. The expansive city is filled with testaments to that progress. Sprawling commercial districts can be found around its historic and political centers. The city's subway lines have been g…

  • Ipernity: Photo Hosting or More?

    At one of the Ipernity groups, a somewhat lively debate has developed. How it will evolve remains to be seen. On one side of the discussion is the notion that people’s commenting on others’ photos is excessive and essentially not very constructive. There is also the complaint that some of the photos receiving comments are “far-from-perfect.” Of course, if perfection is truly the standard required for one to express appreciation for another’s works, there is probably no danger that people wi…