Keyword: Fleurs

By Magda

Bergenia ou semelle de savetier !
By Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨*

MG 4654  Dalhia panaché
By Charlie

L'Oxallis des bois vue par Marie-France
By Erik Ledroit

Roses à l'ancienne...
By Ganymede

Les dernières roses du jardin.The last roses in my garden.
By Marcel-78/85

2009-05-23 St Nicolas (31)
By desiderien

Coquelicots 51a
By Jean Marie Bailly

By Magda

Lilium martagon
By Gyp'

Fleurs  appétissantes / Yummy flowers
By Léopold

Le printemps en tourbière.
By Gyp'

Carpobrotus edulis
By Xata

Campanule blanche
By Gyp'

Briza maxima
By Xata

Ophrys insectifera
By Gyp'

Cynara algarbiensis
By Xata

Penedos, Baixo Alentejo - flores de março
By Xata

Perle de rosée .....
By Gyp'

Alphabet:le P.
By Marie & Mari

Caltha palustris
By Lauge65

Fleurs de fin d'été/Near the end
By RP D'Aoust

Presque chocolat;
By Marie & Mari

Tu as oublié de te raser :-)
By Marie & Mari

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