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Am Fluss
By Gisela Plewe

Wanna Play? Busy Waterfront - Hamburger Hafen am Baumwall (270°)
By LutzP

leckeres Früchtchen
By Nico Worm

A Reflected Sky - Ein gespiegelter Himmel (000°)
By LutzP

Hamburg - St. Katharinen von der Pickhubenbrücke (330°)
By LutzP

Tribute to Oskar: View to the "Eisenmarkt"
By Proxar

By df1hx

Cooling off
By Gudrun (c0l0gne1)

After the rain has fallen
By Dida From Augsburg

By Dida From Augsburg

Once upon a time, in spring...
By Paprikaplains

Im alten Handwerkerviertel - In the old artisan district
By Dida From Augsburg

By malona

By Soeradjoen

Christkindlesmarkt  ✼  Christmas market
By Dida From Augsburg

Another Day In Paradise
By Dida From Augsburg

Egyptian Geese (Alopochen aegyptiacus)
By Seecap-ture

By Nico Worm

colorful autumn in Northern Hesse
By Stefan Lehmann

Mittagspause / Midday break
By Stefan Lehmann

Last train to London?? - no it was Melsungen :-)
By Stefan Lehmann

Between heaven and earth ..
By Stefan Lehmann

In Memory (Mystic moments)
By Alexander Repplinger

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