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By Xata

Tempête à Royan
By Manuel Gerard

By Dynamo

1996 Obernai web
By Bernhard Hofbeck

By Rymie Jolie

Auf und mit Granit gebaut...
By I Holzi

Normannische Strandkultur
By I Holzi

Puy de Dôme, France
By Pom.Angers

Meeresrauschen PiP
By I Holzi

La Grande Arche, Paris
By Wilm

Phare de La Coubre
By I Holzi

Bonifacio 01
By Puchinpappy

Saint Malo im Abendrot
By I Holzi

Pointe du Van
By I Holzi

By Ur@nos

Place Ducale
By Waechor

Marson church /Eglise à Marson (49)
By Darwinsweep

Thousand suns - Listen and remember
By Ker Kaya

Sicus ferrugineus
By Anne Sorbes

collherbage for the first Happy Fence Friday 2017
By ©hristine Jurion-Meu…

A place to rest
By ©hristine Jurion-Meu…

By B. Bavelier

Promenade nocturne
By HelenaPF

Le Pont au Double ~ Notre Dame de Paris ~ MjYj
By MjYj

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