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IMG 0605a
By digital

regard sur le monde
By Laure C.

Tulou : Les habitants (un grand-père)
By Sylvie Coeffic

I am poor lonesome cowboy
By Nathalie Tanguy

Monsieur Marc 3
By Nathalie Tanguy

Flash photography
By Adam *

Holiday in France
By David BISE

On n'avait que 3 minutes...
By David BISE

Tu as un smartphone mais tu n'as pas d'amis. Non mais allô quoi.
By David BISE

By Ford Prefect

By David BISE

... u kowala młotów rozmowa...
By Grun Berger

A traction.
By David BISE

Christopher Street Day Parade Berlin 2013
By Ford Prefect

Chauffe Marcel !
By David BISE

C'est quand même chouette.
By David BISE

By David BISE

° interlude : the long way
By VolDeNuit

Shot session at the bus-stop...
By Michael Peron

By pics63

Christopher Street Day Parade Berlin 2012
By Ford Prefect

Equilibres Alléatoires - Trope Allégorique N° XXXII
By Marie C. Cudraz

... impegnati
By ballcla (claudio)

Of days gone by
By Delusions-In-Glass

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