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By Berny

By Christel Ehretsmann

By Arlis

Blue Tit  close-up!
By Eleanor C

Cliffs of Moher
By Chrissy

I'm a kea
By tiabunna

Blue Jay (Explored)
By Esther

Having a break
By Eefje

Swan & Drops
By Laura C

Great Spot for drying feathers
By Horizon 36

Shoebill Stork 111213
By Kathleen Thorpe-VERY…

Willie Wagtail
By Ron Hanko

By Ennedi

By Seelview

La course du macareux
By Ennedi

1404_0693 Western Meadowlark
By James R. Page

Was this a dream ?
By Ker Kaya

Héron du matin
By Ennedi

Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea)
By ctofcsco

self portrait-4-changes
By jenniferbeinhacker.c…

Northern Cardinal
By ctofcsco

IMG 5343
By Arnocrash

mouette planeur
By Arnocrash

paradise (in tulum)
By jenniferbeinhacker.c…

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