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Dog portrait
By Hans van Dongen

das ist Igor
By Barbara

In the eye of the cheetah
By tom.k

By Brigitte ♥ (animal l…

Highland Dreaming
By bruiach1

By tom.k

Paulinchen o. Paulchen
By *Rosi*

alzando gli occhi al cielo...
By samantha

Je vous présente Berlingot
By Marie & Mari

Lady in Red
By Lutz-R. Frank

By Nico Worm

Et revoila "cuisse de grenouille "
By Marie & Mari

A table!
By Marie & Mari

L'accrobate du jour de face et de dos:Ecaille Chinée.
By Marie & Mari

A dragonfly
By manganite

Lion Coffee Hook and Ladder Fire Engine
By Alan Mays

Whirl-O Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game
By Alan Mays

Dr. Hand's Remedies for Children
By Alan Mays

Running to school in Amboseli
By PAk /…

Groundhog Day Menu, Hotel Weber, Lancaster, Pa., Feb. 2, 1921
By Alan Mays

TEDDY Chihuahua
By Marccelus Bragg

blink of an eye
By torfmauke-ǝʞnɐɯɟɹoʇ

Collectible (Ouch!)
By torfmauke-ǝʞnɐɯɟɹoʇ

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos ♂)
By torfmauke-ǝʞnɐɯɟɹoʇ

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