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Stork in flight
By Hans van Dongen

Dog portrait
By Hans van Dongen

Treksprinkhaan ( Locust, Locuste )
By Hans van Dongen

Littele seagull
By Hans van Dongen

Paulinchen o. Paulchen
By *Rosi*

Grinder, 2010
By Victor Anthony

Black Cat, 2011
By Victor Anthony

We're going batty!
By tiabunna

Antwerp Zoo
By Soeradjoen

20090602 9999 147c
By Fantasyfan

Brückenwächter :-)
By Pandarine

Lady in Red
By Lutz-R. Frank

paassoldaten 006

Without Words
By Andi Gast

The Globe Lawn Mower
By Alan Mays

Buster Brown and His Dog Tige
By Alan Mays

Altered Victorian Cabinet Card Portrait with Painted Skull Mask, Harrisburg, Pa.
By Alan Mays

Rabbit Characters, Ault, Colorado, 1910
By Alan Mays

The Joys of Halloween Be Yours
By Alan Mays

Dr. Hand's Remedies for Children
By Alan Mays

Holiday Greetings from E. R. Barry, the Hanover Street Confectioner, Manchester, N.H.
By Alan Mays

Swat the Fly, Save the Babies
By Alan Mays

gehakkelde aurelia / Polygonia c-album
By ♥Annieta♥

David Jesse   As tears go bye
By David Jesse

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