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a r c a d e s
By Berny

By Berny

San Marco
By Berny

Sagrada familia
By Chrissy

Breamore church
By Judith Jannetta - ba…

Mission San Xavier Detail
By Mitch Seaver

Trinidad de Cuba
By Berny

By Berny

Novodevichy Monastery4
By Lyudmila Izmaylova

20120914 4724c
By Fantasyfan

Pammakaristos church....
By Berny

By Dave Linscheid

Panorama HDR - 9 photos - 2/2
By Blueman

Temporary church  1914-18............ (you have to confess something!!!)

1405_0300 Weathered and worn
By James R. Page

A moment of reflection...
By Peter Denton

Nederland - Hoog Soeren, Kapel
By Jaap van 't Veen

Nederland - Amsterdam, Begijnhofkapel
By Jaap van 't Veen

Spain - Barcelona, Sagrada Família
By Jaap van 't Veen

Nederland - Brielle, Sint-Catharijnekerk
By Jaap van 't Veen

Nederland - Groningen, Martinitoren en kerk
By Jaap van 't Veen

They Shall Not Enter ...
By autofantasia

Spain - Catalonia, Lleida
By Jaap van 't Veen

Eglwys Madog Sant, Llanmadog*, Gŵyr (i)
By Rhisiart Hincks

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