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By Zina Kh.

Cannes in November
By David BISE

the dog is not interested......
By Berny

Dark luck at the dive
By Ashlandjet

Tchin ! Salud ! Santé ! Salute ! Norok ! Prosit ! Pace et salute !
By Geneviève Teyssier

By Jean-Jacques Guyon

Four Horseshoes, Thornham Magna
By dogmarten28

urban view 114
By goandgo

Beer Buddies
By Jack the Hat Photogr…

The Perseverance, Havant
By TimC

up & ...
By goandgo

The Prince of Wales, West Street, Havant, Hampshire
By TimC

in memory of a great old café 01
By goandgo

empty spaces
By goandgo

By goandgo

By goandgo

colored wall 13
By goandgo

an enclosed world 07
By goandgo

Entrance to a ranch
By Anne Elliott

urban composition 07
By goandgo

Doorway design idea for a smalltown downtown bar.
By Tim Kiser

Wipe your feet on the concrete rug and step into 130.
By Tim Kiser

Downtown Appleton Wisconsin would be pretty to look at if it weren't for the old dirty wads of blackened chewing gum everyplace.
By Tim Kiser

Downtown Minneapolis drinks spot.
By Tim Kiser

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