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Noisy Bird

Black-billed Magpie Colorado Springs, CO My dogs won the most recent territory battle with these birds but they are determined to win the war. They now watch and wait for the dogs to enter the yar…

By ctofcsco, posted on June 11, 2017

Mendocino David Jesse

Kult!sun ,love fun!

By David Jesse, posted on May 12, 2014

THE GIT-GO (Mal Waldron)

STEVE POTTS& INTERNATIONAL 4tet Steve Potts_soprano&alto saxophone Gianni Lenoci_piano Jean-Jacques Avenel_bass John Betsch_drums Live@ATELIERS DU CHAUDRON_PARIS June 3, 2012 1st concert h 4pm

01 David Jesse Imagine(Cover)

John lennon Cover from his cult-s ong,Imagine in 1971,by David Jesse 2011, in memory of John Winston Lennon!

David Jesse Strawberry Fields Forever 2011(April Album)

Beatles-cover by David Jesse 2011 klassiker,kultsong!

Leighton Meester feat. Inside The Black - Inside The Black

I love this song ;D It's from the movie "Drive Thru", which I never really saw...

black bruho

Quand les poissons nagent ventres au ciel