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By Berny

Dark Knight
By *starless*

Weed Flower
By foto buff

20110802 21380c
By Fantasyfan

black weather
By Berny

By Fantasyfan

20141224 6421c
By Fantasyfan

20130415 6709c
By Fantasyfan

Focus on industry
By Sigmund

open sky
By Knut Photos

Good Friday
By Dave Linscheid

The myth of Orpheus
By David BISE

Russian girls
By Seelview

Rosso di sera....
By samantha

Northern Flicker - Red-shafted Male
By ctofcsco

By lorraine kerr

21/100 - Forget Me Not
By Ian Grainger

Coconut trees , Philippines
By Stehouwer and Recio

Waterfall in B&W
By Sigmund

By Eloi Thésée

Skyscrapers (rough style edit)
By Hannes Trapp

Conditions !
By Eloi Thésée

By Eloi Thésée

Perfect Stephanie
By Mark Velasquez Photo…

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