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Prête pour les vacances !!

Stillgestanden! Sonst pieks ich...
By GiNa P.
By Heidiho

Asahi Pentax Super Takumar Macro Bud
By Clyde Sostand

Chez le sculpteur Raymond Warren à Bois-Franc, Québec (Argentique) / Winter in Quebec, Canada (Film)
By Robert Warren

By diedje

By Ellis Nadler

Tout un symbole
By David BISE

Remains of WW2 defences, Sinah Common, Hayling Island
By TimC

Another Iteration
By Charles Thomas

10025 PX12 DNE
By Mark Egdell

124485 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Sally B" - USAAF (1993 print)
By Raymond Godfrey

Wheels & Wings Hobbies
By Canadian Pacific

Remembrance Day 2012
By Canadian Pacific

For Freedom, For the People Back Home, For Their Beliefs, For King and Country
By Canadian Pacific

We Remember
By Canadian Pacific

From a war fought long ago
By Canadian Pacific

Miniature soldiers and tank
By Canadian Pacific

War Time Romance
By Canadian Pacific

Lest We Forget -- Paying Tribute to Donald Cameron McCowan
By Canadian Pacific

Dutch Orange Lion vs. Finnish Evil Piggy
By Canadian Pacific

Winston-Salem dumpster fence.
By Tim Kiser

1968 Chevelle SS 2 door Red Convertible - Ricoh Singlex - Nikkor-UD 20mm F/3.5 - Ultramax 400
By Chris Grossman

By lindseyesch

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