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Le Moiré
By Tircis

20080412 16 - Abeille
By Alain Gobert

premier soleil 2015
By Alain Gobert

sympetrum strié male
By Laurence Cambon

Rhyparia purpurata
By Gyp'

Glaucopsyche melanops
By Gyp'

La lydienne
By Ferlen

Printemps - spring
By Sylvie Coeffic

La vie en vert !
By Phil-R

Un sympetrum
By Ferlen

By Tircis

Gymnoclytia sp.
By * Luna

Au près de ma fleur................................
By Marcray

Polyommatus bellargus et Zygaena fausta
By Gyp'

Chocolate eyes
By Pauline D.

menace imminente
By Florence Lequesne

20 février
By eve...lyne

Avec une patte .
By Marie & Mari

Shield bug with eggs, Edessa rufomarginata, Pentatomidae
By Andreas Kay

Stinging Flannel Moth Caterpillar, Megalopyge lanata
By Andreas Kay

Moth, Leucinodes sp., Crambidae
By Andreas Kay

Wasp moth, Ctenuchinae
By Andreas Kay

Automeris sp., Saturniidae
By Andreas Kay

Steenrode Heidelibel 2005
By ♥Annieta♥

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