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20070726 - forêt magique
By Alain Gobert

Manteau de neige
By Sylvie G.

Fin d'hiver 2014 1/3 - Explore 24/03/2014
By Blueman

Paysage glacé - Frozen landscape  1/3
By Blueman

Paysage glacé - Frozen landscape  2/3 (Explore: 28/01/2014)
By Blueman

Futur proche.....
By Hervé

petits genévriers rampants
By guenievre

automne montagne de Lure
By guenievre

By Nathalie Beaulieu

Iceland - Jökulsárlón
By Jérémy Bourgouin

Val d'auron
By blue velvet

Réchauffement climatique…130318 rc 130622 © théthi
By thethi

Icy roads
By Erato

By Erato

Ice queen
By Erato

Fin d'hiver 2014 3/3
By Blueman

Abstraction glacée.
By David BISE

By rockafeller

Ma? késako?
By Marie & Mari

Snowy white
By Erato

the mo you see, the less you know
By mo |

Dans le brouillard du printemps...(Argentique) / In spring fog...(Film)
By Robert Warren

By Erato

By Erato

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