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Vancouver night sounds


Vancouver night sounds

7/20. The New Angle - John Murphy

7/20. The New Angle - John Murphy

Sunshine (2007) movie - A team of astronauts are sent to re-ignite the dying sun 50 years into the future. 74,927 IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 7.3 / 10 (sep. 2010)

By 'Dirk', posted on March 27, 2010

Nadal 2007 a Sant Rafel

Una de les cançons interpretades

Möte med i pratsamma norrmän hällregnet

Sommarsemester. Text och bild/bilder kommer. 6 juli 2007. Language: Swedish and Norwegian

Det puttrar i grytorna

Det puttrar i grytorna. Vi ställer i ordning sen kvällsvard. Samtidigt suger vi på varsin gin och tonic. I bakgrunden tonar oroande nyheter upp från fjärran land . Kronärstskockor – gott! P.S. Varning: Jag tycker vinet Ecologica (det röda på box) h…

das seminar 10-08-2007 live RadioX

55min freie Rede, alles was mir durch den Kopf geht...

In Heaven Everything is Fine

Lately I've seen the very interesting (though not very good) film "Eraserhead" by David Lynch. The film is said to be quite disturbing (which is true). Some people even seriously warned that watching this film might induce psychic disorders (maybe t…

By -mcb, posted on July 11, 2007